Good Friday-30thMar, 2018
Easter-1stApr, 2018
Origins of Easter

Easter Good Friday 2018

Easter is a completely different festival celebration from Christmas. On Easter Sunday, it’s the celebration of the resurrection from the dead of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Christians. It is the festival that is celebrated just after Good Friday which is the death day of the Jesus Christ by crucifixion was commemorated.


Traditions and Customs of Easter Traditions and Customs of Easter

Easter Day is celebrated on a Sunday always, but unlike Christmas, the...

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History of Good Friday History of Good Friday

To commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his demise at Calvary...

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History of Easter History of Easter

Commemorating the Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, Easter happens to be Christianity’s most important Christianity’s most important holiday.

  • What is the Origin of the Word Easter?
  • History of Easter Hams and Easter Candy
  • Historical Significance of the Easter Fasting
  • The Feast and Debate on Easter Date
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Easter & Good Friday in Spain

The two most auspicious days in the Christian calendar are Good Friday and Easter...

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Easter & Good Friday in Canada

Easter Sunday in Canada celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection after his death, which is described in the Christian Bible....

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Easter & Good Friday in France

France is a Catholic country with a strong Catholic history and thus celebrates the most auspicious week of Easter with all...

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Easter & Good Friday in Ireland

Good Friday (Aoinean Cheasta) is an occasion for Christian, particularly Catholics, to commemorate the...

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Easter & Good Friday in Greece

Greece plays a host to religious festivals with deeply rooted customs and centuries-old traditions all year round...

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Easter & Good Friday in India

Good Friday is a gazette holiday in India. It commemorates the final hours of Jesus' life, his crucifixion, and death,...

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Easter & Good Friday in USA

Easter or Pasch (in Latin) or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the...

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Easter & Good Friday in Australia

Easter and Good Friday are two important dates in the Christian calendar. These days are celebrated to remember the day...

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Easter & Good Friday in Philippines

In Philippines, most people follow Catholic faith. Easter and Good Friday in Philippines are very...

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Easter & Good Friday in Mexico

Easter, or “Pascua”, as it is called in Mexico, is one of the most widely celebrated and important religious holidays of the...

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Easter Bunny Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny distributing colorful eggs is one of the

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Easter LilyEaster Lily

Madonna Lilies have since time immemorial stood as a symbol of

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Easter ParadesEaster Parades

Easter Parades have been a part of tradition since

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Decorated Easter EggsDecorated Eggs

Eggs have always been revered as a symbol of life

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Palm BranchesPalm Branches

When Christ arrived in Jerusalem, people welcomed him by

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The LambThe Lamb

The symbol of the lamb is strongly rooted in Christian

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The dogwood is another important adoption for Easter

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The butterfly is a strong Christian symbol of Easter

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