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Celebrating Easter without delectable dishes is not a feasible idea to anyone and foods play a very important role during Easter! Often people get flooded with Easter invitations for dinner, lunch and brunch from months in advance. You would also get to see loads of family-favorite brunch, dessert and dinner ideas all across the internet and magazines as Easter approaches.

The deviled egg appetizers, hearty breakfast casseroles, cute bunny-shaped sweetened treats, well-made ham recipes, and special holiday desserts are the all-timefavorites. The traditional Easter foods are ham, lamb, or chicken.However as the technology for cooking has also reached a different level of advancement and unique techniques are used, a wide range of Easter recipes have emerged from across the globe. Here are some traditional Easter preparations to set up the table -

  • Easter Candy– These homemade candies are loved by all ages. To make these, you just need a pan and a microwave and it’s all done in few minutes. They have the sweet outer coating of different colors and interior is filled with rich chocolate.
  • Easter Pie– In Italian home, Easter is incomplete without Easter Pie. This recipe has been a traditional custom and the mothers always make sure to teach their daughters how to make this special pie so that it can go down the generations. This delicious pie is usually filled with Italian meat and cheese with a thick crust above.
  • Easter Baskets– The baskets on Easter and special because of the fantastic flavored Easter eggs. Easter feast is not the ideal one if these Easter eggs are not there to decorate the table. Easter eggs are often called Paschal eggs are nothing but dyed and painted chicken eggs. In recent days, the real eggs are being replaced by decorative plastic or chocolate eggs filled with jelly beans.
  • Easter Cakes– Cake is an integral part of Easter meals; there are different types of cakes made during this season and the most famous one is the whipped cream cake. There are many variations though, to attract the kids like bunny cakes, carrot cakes, and lemon cakes. You can make these cakes with any flavor you prefer.
  • Easter Hams– Easter hams are juicy and mouth-watering, often with colorful veggies and mashed potatoes. Apricot added in hams make them irresistible, while the pineapple and cloves give a lovely taste to it. Ham is no longer a fussy preparation but there are many easy to make recipes with a pre-cooked ham that are widely sold in market. You also get honey baked, smoked, bone-in, boneless, and in different sizes to cater to your needs. The flavoring and garnishing has to be done innovatively with greens, roasted vegetables or bay leaves.

The Easter menus, sides, and desserts have no bounds and there are umpteen Easter recipes to try out this season. Apart from the above mentioned traditional Easter foods, people are now trying out the regional Easter specialties. These are not very difficult to make and can be easily done with the readily available ingredients.

Here are some innovative and popular Easter recipes from round the globe -

  1. Pashka from Russia– This is a pyramid shaped dessert made from cheese and very popular delicacy In Russia during the Easter. The dish is often decorated topically with religious symbols, like the letters XB, from “Christos Voskres”, that denotes “Christ is Risen”.
  2. Colomba-di-Pasqua from Italy– If you have eaten the Italian Christmas bread panettone, you would know the taste of Colomba-di-Pasqua! This is a stuffed cake made with candy peels and the shape resembles that of a dove.
  3. Tsoureki from Greece– This is a bread recipe with the flavors from the seed of wild cherries. The decoration is done with hard-boiled eggs colored red, which symbolizes the blood of Christ.
  4. Pinca from Eastern Europe– Resembling the hot cross buns, Pinca is famous both in Eastern Europe and Italy. This sweet bread also has a cross sign on it to celebrate the end of Lent in Slovenia and Croatia.
  5. Mona de Pascua from Spain– This is a very popular Easter cake traditionally made in different regions of Spain. It looks like a large doughnut with the topping decorated with a hardboiled egg.
  6. Hot Cross Buns, UK– British eastern are iconic with this Easter food – hot cross buns. This is a sweet spiced bun with the mark of a cross; this is a “Must Eat” food of Easter in UK. The similar adaptations are Simnel cakes, fruit cakes with toppings of 11 or 12 marzipan balls and so on.

Easter is all about dining and delicacies to celebrate the foundation of Christian faith and today there is indeed no scarcity of innovation to prove culinary skills during the Easter season.

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